Valentine’s Gift Guide 2017 With Amara Living!


This year, I was thrilled to partner with Amara Living for my Valentine’s Gift Guide!  I am absolutely in love with their team, as well as the variety of product.  What I enjoy is that Amara Living  has varying price points for a modest or extravagant budget! The packaging is so beautiful I almost didn’t want to open the gifts!!!  Something practical I appreciated was Amara’s tracking system, which made it extremely easy to know when my gift would arrive.


Once I opened the boxes, I was so thrilled with the quality and beauty of the products.  Of course, the brands are recognizable, so you also know what you’re getting ahead of time.


“The Just Slate Company” bottle stopper is perfect for anyone!  Whether you enjoy wine or apple cider, this is a great conversation starter, as well as a cute and thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day.  Definitely a keeper (literally!) Designed in Scotland, and traditionally hand made, this stopper definitely made my heart….SKIP a beat!


Anyone who has ever smelled Voluspa knows what kind of a candle this is!  Extremely long burning, and blended with coconut wax, this champagne flavored candle is a total hit! Why not give a champagne candle and strawberries for a romantic night in? Hand poured in Irvine CA, the Blanc De Blancs will give you something to celebrate in style!


Ted Baker is a very reputable brand, and they do not disappoint in the beauty department!  This manicure set has me wanting to hold hands all day!


Tinted in rose gold, these manicure tools are STUNNING.  I love the organization, as well as the variety of tools for practical yet beautiful at home or “on the go” manicuring.



Do yourself a favor, and check out Amara Living on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!! 

As a disclosure: I was gifted the items I chose for my Valentine’s Gift Guide from Amara Living, and these are products I would definitely purchase for myself, loved ones or family.  Be sure to check out their website for the above products, as well as other gift ideas! 

About emilyinbeautyland

Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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