Valentine’s Gift Guide 2017 With Amara Living!


This year, I was thrilled to partner with Amara Living for my Valentine’s Gift Guide!  I am absolutely in love with their team, as well as the variety of product.  What I enjoy is that Amara Living  has varying price points for a modest or extravagant budget! The packaging is so beautiful I almost didn’t want to open the gifts!!!  Something practical I appreciated was Amara’s tracking system, which made it extremely easy to know when my gift would arrive.


Once I opened the boxes, I was so thrilled with the quality and beauty of the products.  Of course, the brands are recognizable, so you also know what you’re getting ahead of time.


“The Just Slate Company” bottle stopper is perfect for anyone!  Whether you enjoy wine or apple cider, this is a great conversation starter, as well as a cute and thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day.  Definitely a keeper (literally!) Designed in Scotland, and traditionally hand made, this stopper definitely made my heart….SKIP a beat!


Anyone who has ever smelled Voluspa knows what kind of a candle this is!  Extremely long burning, and blended with coconut wax, this champagne flavored candle is a total hit! Why not give a champagne candle and strawberries for a romantic night in? Hand poured in Irvine CA, the Blanc De Blancs will give you something to celebrate in style!


Ted Baker is a very reputable brand, and they do not disappoint in the beauty department!  This manicure set has me wanting to hold hands all day!


Tinted in rose gold, these manicure tools are STUNNING.  I love the organization, as well as the variety of tools for practical yet beautiful at home or “on the go” manicuring.



Do yourself a favor, and check out Amara Living on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!! 

As a disclosure: I was gifted the items I chose for my Valentine’s Gift Guide from Amara Living, and these are products I would definitely purchase for myself, loved ones or family.  Be sure to check out their website for the above products, as well as other gift ideas! 

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Sandy: My Woman Crush Bride


When Sandy reached out to me and let me know that I was her dream wedding make up artist, I totally blushed.  She and I had gone to school together years ago, and been amazing social media “friends.” Although, with her, I knew something deeper existed.


She is encouraging, hopeful, kind, and uplifts others to the maximum degree.  I knew I wanted to help her out immediately.  Luckily, I was going to be in Seattle for her December 30th wedding, and jumped on board.  I am so glad I did.


Sandy’s support group is just incredible.  From her mother, to her NOW mother in law, and bridesmaids, the room was buzzing with positivity, which is every bridal make up artist’s dream! You can see in the photos how much fun we had! I wish we could do it all over again!


See more from their gorgeous wedding here! Photos by: Travis Lawton Photography.

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Jenita Hill MUA in the Spotlight


unnamed-2One of the best parts of my job is collaborating with amazing artists.  This week, I will focus on Seattle based make up artist, Jenita Hill, or as I know her from instagram as Jaysweets .


Jenita’s gorgeous work…

I was introduced to Jenita through our power friend, gal pal, Chelsey Richardson, spoken word artist and activist.  Do yourself a favor, and go check out Chelsey.

I have been so thankful to the make up artists who have highlighted me, and I love showcasing kind, driven and professional talent.  Jenita is the real deal.  She is humble, caring, and gives 200% effort in everything she does.

We sat down for a an amazing afternoon full of conversations, beauty obsessions and current affairs.  What was supposed to be a few hours meeting turned effortlessly into an afternoon of kindred spirit connection.  I want to share with you a little more about Jenita.


E: What does passion mean to you?

J: Passion means to me, to have an excitement for something. An excitement that fuels an internal flame. A flame that can never go out because your passion for what you love is forever burning. 

E: Give back or get? Or are they one in the same? 

J: I think these two go hand in hand.  Giving has a boomerang effect. When you’re selfless in your acts of giving, you…seem to get back what you’ve given. (I told you, she’s amazing).

E: Favorite beauty products? 

J: I have to say as of right now, it would be my rose water facial spray. The anti-inflammatory goodies it contains are great for my skin, (and) helps maintain my skin’s pH. Plus it smells good. I like to pair it with my rose hip seed oil, which I love because it’s light and moisturizes my skin just the way I like it without feeling oily. I could go on and on but I’ll end it with my favorite eyeliner by NXY. Their liquid matte eyeliner is the best $7.99 I’ve ever spent. It dries to the perfect matte finish and lasts all day. 


E: What’s a goofy memory that keeps you laughing?

J: A couple of months ago, a group of my girlfriends and I were strolling through Nordstrom looking for dresses for a friend’s upcoming wedding. Well, at some point, “Remember The Time,” *by Michael Jackson* came on over the speakers.  My girlfriends and I clearly were thinking the same thing, because in unison, we started singing along… coupled with doing what we knew of the routine from the video. It makes me laugh playing this memory in my head because not only did we all laugh hysterically, I’m sure the employees and other customers thought we were crazy and I can only imagine how we looked on the security cameras. Good time! 

E: Message you would tell an 8 year old version of yourself?

J: “You’re beautifully and wonderfully made. An imperfect human being who’ll be dealt some good and bad cards on your life journey but don’t allow those bad hands (to) define you. You’re capable of accomplishing  anything you set your mind to because despite challenges; life is truly what you make of it, so why not make it a great life for you and those you’ll encounter.”

I’m legit crying right now…Together we lift one another up and celebrate those joyous connections that motivate us to keep going, and enjoy life! Thank you, Jenita, for a much needed, and fabulous afternoon together.  Here’s to many more!

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Thoughts on FALL


Photo by moi: Hiawatha Park in West Seattle, WA

October morphs into November, leaves on trees turn yellow and red, masking their green health with a little death.  People often say that the opposite of life is death.  In fact, the opposite of death is birth- life is what you do in-between.  This seasonal “death,” bears a cold emotion, full of fear and anxiety.   Will it ever return to the way it was before?  When will the green come back, and the blossoms burst with joy raising their faces to the sun?

Perhaps that’s the point…Each chapter, or season, as it feels in life is churning, changing, forever morphing.  And with each season, new leaves, bigger blossoms, stronger vines emerge, leaving the little death behind.


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Color Theory: wonderful duos

One of the “cool” parts of my makeup career is working with as a contributing beauty writer.  This project given was to choose two shadows that go well together. Here’s a preview:

Red, yellow, pink, green, blue, purple and orange. When I think of all these shades, I think of the endless opportunities that they bring … for eye makeup. I love blending eye shadow shades and I know things can get a bit “muddy” if the wrong color combos are used. To help you avoid a makeup meltdown, I’ve included some of my favorite shadow pairings for you to try at home!

Check out the full story HERE!


My beautiful sister in law in brown and gold tones. Makeup and photo my moi.


As always, thank you to for having me!

Happy duos!

Love and Beauty,


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Transition, transition! Big changes are happening in my life, and as you can tell, I’ve been a bit stagnant. That’s being generous. I’ve been totally absent.

I am back though, and will bring you up to speed on what I’ve been doing, as well as bring current adventures to the blog!

Enjoy, and know I’m so excited to keep on with this journey and pick up where we left off.


Love and Beauty,


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Linen Lace and Love

I was joyously interviewed by the beauties at Linen Lace and Love for their wedding series going on all through the month of March as a beauty expert specializing in photo-proof make up.

These two are as kind as they are beautiful, and I had a blast suggesting my favorite photo-proof make up tips and tricks.

Please check our interview, and how to “photo-proof” your make up!

Happy photos!

Love and Beauty,


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Fall NYFW Trends 2016

Check out my article with discussing the makeup trends I saw for this season’s New York Fashion Week!

Click here to see some of my favorite looks!

Happy trending!

Love and Beauty,



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