Color Theory: wonderful duos

One of the “cool” parts of my makeup career is working with as a contributing beauty writer.  This project given was to choose two shadows that go well together. Here’s a preview:

Red, yellow, pink, green, blue, purple and orange. When I think of all these shades, I think of the endless opportunities that they bring … for eye makeup. I love blending eye shadow shades and I know things can get a bit “muddy” if the wrong color combos are used. To help you avoid a makeup meltdown, I’ve included some of my favorite shadow pairings for you to try at home!

Check out the full story HERE!


My beautiful sister in law in brown and gold tones. Makeup and photo my moi.


As always, thank you to for having me!

Happy duos!

Love and Beauty,


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Transition, transition! Big changes are happening in my life, and as you can tell, I’ve been a bit stagnant. That’s being generous. I’ve been totally absent.

I am back though, and will bring you up to speed on what I’ve been doing, as well as bring current adventures to the blog!

Enjoy, and know I’m so excited to keep on with this journey and pick up where we left off.


Love and Beauty,


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Linen Lace and Love

I was joyously interviewed by the beauties at Linen Lace and Love for their wedding series going on all through the month of March as a beauty expert specializing in photo-proof make up.

These two are as kind as they are beautiful, and I had a blast suggesting my favorite photo-proof make up tips and tricks.

Please check our interview, and how to “photo-proof” your make up!

Happy photos!

Love and Beauty,


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Fall NYFW Trends 2016

Check out my article with discussing the makeup trends I saw for this season’s New York Fashion Week!

Click here to see some of my favorite looks!

Happy trending!

Love and Beauty,



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I had the pleasure of assisting my favorite famous make up artist, Kathy Jeung, on this  Target Commercial!  It was so much fun, and the set life was stellar! We had delicious kraft services (for food), fantastic music (Everybody Dance Now!), and just the best energy from top to bottom!  Kathy’s right hand man, Marco Souza, was SO nice, and SO talented.  I was surround by TALENT, GUYS!!!!!!!

The group of dancers just amazed me- We worked with Beyonce’s main dancer, Ashley Everett, the famous female popping/tutting/ dance artist, Dytto, and Taylor Hatala who’s video “Run the World” to Beyonce’s “Girls,” has been viewed over 4.2 million times to name a few of the ladies and they were all so COOL.  The guys were all impressive as well!!! The kids especially surprised me with their polite and professional attitudes.

Assisting Kathy meant everything to me.  She is so kind, patient, and has SO MANY TIPS AND TRICKS!!!!!  It was a joy to be referred to her by a make up artist I look up to immensely, Angelina Cheng (I LOVE HER).

Enjoy and dance a little!

Happy Dancing!

Love and Beauty,


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YSL Les Saharienne Blur Bronzer

I’m in love again.  Yves Saint Laurent’s Blur Bronzer  (Les Saharienne) is just sublime.

YSL Blur Bronzer

It is a blurring, perfecting, bronzer!  Boasting six shades, it can really be used for any skin tone as someone with a very deep skin can use the deepest color as a blurring highlighter and people with very light skin can use the lightest (almost highlight color) as a bronzer.  Everything in between can be used as a foundation, setting powder, body blur perfecter (when mixed with body oil or lotion), lip neutralizer, eyeshadow etc!  Use it as everything!  I keep telling people that there is no wrong way to use it unless you’re not using it!

Check out my video for an in depth look at this gorgeous new product!

Happy Bronzing!

Love and Beauty,


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Happy Kissing Day with Studio DIY!

Whey my make up management company, Page Beauty, rang and asked if I would like to do a lip tutorial with Kelly Mindell from Studio DIY, I jumped at the chance!

You might remember my last post with Studio DIY for Starbucks that included a LOT of lemons!

This time, we focused on how to really make a lip last- especially if you are in front of the camera or away from your vanity all day.  Kelly put it a great way; similar to frosting a cake effectively, there are going to be a lot more steps involved.  As I am a professional make up artist, here are my tips and tricks to getting you a pout with longevity!

Step One: Apply Concealer around the outside of the lips to create a clean barrier

Step Two; Apply a wax based clear lip liner to keep in color and prevent any fading or feathering. Thank you to The Couture Gift Collection for introducing me to this brand for my Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide with Fox 11 almost half a year back! I featured their lipstick then, but this I think this invisible liner is the star product of their line!

Step Three: Apply a lip liner to the WHOLE lip!

Step Four: Using a lip brush, apply your lip color evenly.



Step Five: Use a Lip Stain in a similar or the same color to seal in the lipstick!

Step Six- Take concealer around the edges to clean up any mistakes (if needed)

Step Seven- Follow by setting with a translucent powder to help with upper and lower lip perspiration.


But what if you’re in a rush???  Grab a great lip stain (I recommend Sephora) apply, and go!!!!


Rock on!!!

Lipstick-101-Two-Ways-To-Make-Your-Lipstick-Last13a-600x900You can find all product links and Kelly’s original post for what I chose for her HERE!

Photography by the incredible Jeff Mindell

Made possible by Page Beauty

Make up by Me!

Happy Kissing!

Love and Beauty,









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