Whiskers on Kittens

Whiskers on Kittens

I have always found cats to be one of the most beautiful creatures. Their gracefulness, curiosity, and true beauty have drawn me in from a young age.

My mother took me to the musical “CATS” when I was just four years old. I thought the “cats” on stage were real, and grew up hoping and wishing that just once I would come across a Jellicle Ball!

Fast forward many years, and I finally had a kitten of my own! My husband decided that the purrrfect birthday present for me would be a sweet little two year old kitty cat. We adopted her from the Lange Foundation which is a no-kill shelter that saves many little kittens, cats, puppies and dogs from animal death row.

My lovely friend, Andrea from the blog World Walk About posted about her new kitty, and I thought I would play tag and post about mine! (FOLLOW HER! Read through her journey in South Korea and many other far away lands! She is an amazing writer with an impressive blog!)

So here is one of my favorite things. What are some of yours? I hope you think she’s as sweet as I do!

About emilyinbeautyland

Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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