For Sleeplessness, GABA is my Must have Monday!


I always considered myself a night owl.  Then the truth hit; I just don’t sleep.  My mind is constantly racing; thinking of the next look I want to create, running through lists of to do’s, remembering the people I’ve met, and anything/everything in-between.

Sleeplessness is something I have dealt with for a while now, however, with my gigs, I need to be rested to make sure I’m at my best!  My friend and co-conspirator, Rob, (facesbyrob on Instagram) decided we needed a little trip to Whole Foods to find something natural and gentle.

And then there was GABA.  Oh my goodness.  Sleep in an all natural, little supplement.  It actually helps block neurotransmissions for those of us who can’t stop thinking, and allows the body to fall into a lovely little sleep.  One thing I have noticed, though, is that when it starts to kick in, I myself get a little woozy.  So once the “woozy” hits, slap your face on that pillow!

In addition to sleeplessness, it also works to relieve anxiety, PMS, and pain.  There are some studies that show it can help with ADHD and lean muscle growth, but I’m just thankful that after I take it, I can sleep!

What are some ways you help to combat sleeplessness?  Happy sleeping!

Love and Beauty,


About emilyinbeautyland

Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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