Must Have Passion (A delayed post from New Year’s Eve)


My gorgeous Mama.

This Must Have Monday is more of a thinker.  To do the work we do, survive, enjoy our lives, and carry on, we must have passion.  Whether that is in what we are actually doing for our dreams, work, hobbies or extra curricular activities.

Since we weren’t able to go home for Christmas, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we are doing here in Los Angeles. Especially around the holidays, away from family, it can become quite lonely.  However, because our passion drives us, we carry on.

My mother sent me this quote when I was in college and having a hard time deciding if I should major in what I wanted to do, or what I thought “everyone else” wanted me to major in (so much of that conversation is in your own head, isn’t it?)  So here was the perfectly timed quote she sent to me;

“It is amazing how often people do get their dreams, whether in stages or directly.  The more you don’t cut the dream down, because of what you think you know about the real world, the more likely you are to find what you are looking for.

Most people don’t find their heart’s desire, because they decide to pursue just half their dream–and consequently they hunt for it with only half a heart.

If you decide to pursue your whole dream, your best dream, the one you die to do, I guarantee you that you will hunt for it with all your heart. It is this passion which often is the difference between successful career-changers, and unsuccessful ones.”

So this day before New Year’s Eve, take a look at what you TRULY desire, your passion, your drive, and when the ball drops, make a wish, and start pursuing your dreams with a whole heart filled with passion!

Happy Conquering.

Love and Beauty,



(Note: I wrote this to upload New Year’s Eve, and due to the internet connection in St. Lucia, was not able to post.  Thank you for your patience, and enjoy!)

About emilyinbeautyland

Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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