DIY: Sugar Scrub!

When my beautiful bestie, Jess, and I went out for her big night, everything was going according to plan until I noticed a less than welcome accessory to my strapless navy lace dress: back acne.  Gross.  Yes, I get it once in a while, especially when I’m stressed or not eating as well as I should.  Soooo, my bestie showed me how easy a DIY scrub is and I want to pass along the favor.  Seriously; huge difference, super inexpensive, quick, and easy.

You will need: Olive or coconut oil, and sugar.

Ingredients needed! Feel free to use organic, unrefined, etc. This is just what I had in the cupboard....

Ingredients needed! Feel free to use organic, unrefined, etc. This is just what I had in the cupboard….

That’s it.  So easy.  For a facial option, make sure to use brown sugar, either oil, a tiny bit of lemon juice, and honey and you will have a most indulgent DIY facial scrub.

Here are the steps:

One: gather your ingredients

Two: pour sugar into the bowl


Three: pour olive/coconut oil into the bowl

DSC06033 DSC06034

Four: mix


Five: apply and rinse!  Easy!



I hope you enjoy!  What are some of your favourite DIY beauty treatments?!  Have you ever tried a sugar scrub before?

Happy Scrubbing!

Love and Beauty,


About emilyinbeautyland

Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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