Freedom For Flight

Bestie and I

Bestie and I


When your “Bestie” calls you with spirit connected enthusiasm that she has found a way to help others and direct their passion, you say, “YAYYY!”

Freedom For Flight is all about creating “goal with soul.”  I love what Jessica composed on her website, especially the opening message from the founder of Desire Mapping, Danielle La Porte….

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.27.41 PM

Let’s talk about your life. Do you feel free? Joyful? Connected?  Most importantly, does your life feel the way you want it to feel? 

It’s never too late to live a life that feels good. A life that you consciously choose and design, based on your own core desired feelings. I’d like to help you uncover those feelings so you can start building a life that helps you generate them. 


Us being "us!"

Us being “us!”

I just love the idea of letting go, being free, and really committing to what you want in life.  This year has been a journey for me through physical ailments, life changes, and truly finding the courage and core of what I want to do.  Jessica has been there for me (actually for the past decade of ups and challenges), and with her new venture, I want to shout to the world that she is my first “Woman Crush Wednesday!”

I love people who want to give back and help others.  I truly believe that Jessica’s calling in life is to help guide others to their most true “self.”  So jump on the band wagon, get involved, and if you’re in LA or Seattle, please attend one of her workshops.  I know we can all use a little guidance, and I am thrilled to see what comes out of it for me, and for YOU! Please “like” her Facebook page as well!

Because I am her amazing friend, she is offering a 10% discount for anyone who signs up with my gratitude code; EMILY

Happy Flying!

Love and Beauty,



About emilyinbeautyland

Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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