Happy Kissing Day with Studio DIY!

Whey my make up management company, Page Beauty, rang and asked if I would like to do a lip tutorial with Kelly Mindell from Studio DIY, I jumped at the chance!

You might remember my last post with Studio DIY for Starbucks that included a LOT of lemons!

This time, we focused on how to really make a lip last- especially if you are in front of the camera or away from your vanity all day.  Kelly put it a great way; similar to frosting a cake effectively, there are going to be a lot more steps involved.  As I am a professional make up artist, here are my tips and tricks to getting you a pout with longevity!

Step One: Apply Concealer around the outside of the lips to create a clean barrier

Step Two; Apply a wax based clear lip liner to keep in color and prevent any fading or feathering. Thank you to The Couture Gift Collection for introducing me to this brand for my Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide with Fox 11 almost half a year back! I featured their lipstick then, but this I think this invisible liner is the star product of their line!

Step Three: Apply a lip liner to the WHOLE lip!

Step Four: Using a lip brush, apply your lip color evenly.



Step Five: Use a Lip Stain in a similar or the same color to seal in the lipstick!

Step Six- Take concealer around the edges to clean up any mistakes (if needed)

Step Seven- Follow by setting with a translucent powder to help with upper and lower lip perspiration.


But what if you’re in a rush???  Grab a great lip stain (I recommend Sephora) apply, and go!!!!


Rock on!!!

Lipstick-101-Two-Ways-To-Make-Your-Lipstick-Last13a-600x900You can find all product links and Kelly’s original post for what I chose for her HERE!

Photography by the incredible Jeff Mindell

Made possible by Page Beauty

Make up by Me!

Happy Kissing!

Love and Beauty,









About emilyinbeautyland

Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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