Day to Night Make up!

Ohh!  I love a good transformation, and I tell you what… make up on me really makes a HUGE difference.  This week I decided to showcase going from day to night make up, which actually turned into adding make up on top of make up.  When I am running from event to event, I do not have the luxury of wiping off my make up and starting fresh. That is why I decided to show a make up on make up look that is relatively simple and takes a tiny amount of time!

Make up completely worn from the day!

Make up completely worn from the day!

Big Difference!

Big Difference!


So this week here is the rundown of what I do when I need to “re-do!”

1. Apply light shadow from the bottom of the top lid up to the crease

2. Add Black shadow to the water line (I used a black sparkly one from Urban Decay in one of their kits)

3. Take black shadow outside of eye and create a tiny sideways “v” with the point going toward your temple and into the crease (just a tiny bit into the crease!)

4. Blend

5. Accent Color on the top middle of the eye

6. Blend!

7. Coppery gold onto the eye lid 3/4 way out to the outside

8. Blend!

9. Brows

10. Eyeliner

11. Lashes

12. Foundation

13. Highlighter/Blush

14. Blend with foundation brush

15. Lip Gloss

16. A tiny dab of eye cream will keep you looking fresh and hydrated!

I know it seems crazy, but trust me, it really does pick up my mood and elevate the way I look from a day “natural” to a night “vamp!”

What looks would you like to see me demonstrate?  Anything you’ve been wanting to try, but too scared it is complicated?  Please let me know.

Happy Transformations!

Love and Beauty,


Products Used:

Pretty Woman USA nail polish (Thank YOU for the generous amount of nail polish sent!)

Sephora Collection Limited Edition Pantone Blush trio

Urban Decay (Thank you for the make up!!!!)

Giorgio Armani Beauty




About emilyinbeautyland

Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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