Sparkle and Shine this New Year

Three, two, ONE!  Happy (Almost) New Year!

This year has been one of triumphs, heart ache, and a lot of hard work and play!  Now it’s time to ring in the New Year with a little POP and sparkle that isn’t found in the sky!

Most gorgeous news crew and I!

Most gorgeous news crew and I!

I happily partnered with Fox 11 News to show you all my favorite New Year’s Eve Look and just in time!  So sit back, read on, and have some fun replicating for your big parties TONIGHT!  This is a relatively quick and easy look.

Claire, my beautiful model, and myself!

Claire, my beautiful model, and myself!

You will need:

1. A light Eye Shadow:


Lorac Pro Palette #2 $42


I’ll be using from Lorac Pro 2 Palette’s lightest colors.

*Buff all over, Snow on the top lid up to the crease, Beige at the brow bone and inner corner, and Rose blended in the crease.

2. A Thin Liquid Liner:


Stila Liquid Liner $20

I love Stila’s “Stay All Day” Liquid Liner.

3. Ardell False Lashes (Natural)


Ardell Lashes “Natural” $3.59

If you have sensitive eyes, before you apply the lashes, cut the large ends a little, so that they rest shorter across your eye- not only will they look more natural, but won’t be pesky, or poke you!

4. Duo Waterproof Glue

Duo Waterproof Glue  $10-$15

Duo Waterproof Glue

Apply a thin strip to the lashes, wait for it to become tacky, then apply gently and remember to breathe and take your time.

5. Mascara

Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils $30.

Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils $30.

This is my ultimate add on to make lashes look completely camera and runway ready.  Proceed with caution for these lashes will be HUGE!

6. A Hint of Glint!

Urban Decay Heavy Metal "Midnight Cowboy" Glitter Liner $19

Urban Decay Heavy Metal “Midnight Cowboy” Glitter Liner $19

I chose Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Midnight Cowboy Glitter Liner as I can control how much I put onto the lid, and know it will stay all night long.

7. Fuschia Lipstick!!!!!

NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in "Schiap" $24

NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in “Schiap” $24

One of my most favourite Fuschia’s is by NARS.  It’s staying power is just divine, and I LOVE the way it looks. Great for ALL skin tones, and all ages!

I like to stand out in a crowd, and think why go traditional red lip, or smokey eye, when there’s a flirty, and fun option!??!  It’s 2015!! Go for a change and challenge yourself- your photos will thank you!!!

Please know that the above are my “lust” products, and you can find fantastic alternatives for less.  Make up is all about having fun, enjoying art, and celebrating beauty!

A HUGE thank you to Caligrip for my amazing skirt!  I am in love with your brand, the craftsmanship, and texture!  It is so beautiful, and an honor to wear your clothing!

Be safe, remember to assign a Designated Driver, or cab your way into the New Year.  Have so much fun, and let me know your plans for the night!

Thank you for an amazing year, for all your views, follows, clicks, shares, and general love for beauty.  It really does mean the world to me, and I hope to bring you more exciting, fun, beauty from the perspective of me, your favorite celebrity make up artist!


Love and Beauty,



Please note all opinions and product reviews are my own, and I am not endorsed nor sponsored at this time.


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Emily Oliver is a celebrity make up artist raising fraternal twins in Seattle, Wa and relishing the beauty of the world through their eyes.
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